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What You Should Know About The American Kennel Club

While many people have heard of the American Kennel Club, some assume the organization is only helpful for professional dog breeders and others who wish to engage in the activity of entering pets into competitions and dog shows.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Dog

Making a decision to add a dog to your home can be an important step. After all, you are choosing to take on the well being of another living thing. This makes it necessary for you to make sure that you go with a dog that is right for your living circumstances

What Are The Best Dog Breeds For A Family Pet?

Many people cannot imagine life without a dog around the house. Most of us have fond memories of growing up with a favorite pet, or the first dog that was welcomed into the home of a newlywed couple.

Why Different Dog Breeds Appeal To Different People

There is something special about the relationship between a dog and the owner. From the first moment they meet, there is often a connection that seems to defy any rational explanation.

Should I Use A Dog Breed Selector?

If you have decided that a dog around the house would be a great idea for the family, but are not sure what type of dog would be best, you are in need of a dog breed selector.

Why Dog Breeds AKC Information Can Be Important

While most people tend to think of the AKC rating in regard to different breeds to only be important if you breed dogs for shows, the fact is just about anyone can benefit from looking into the various ranking processes that the American Kennel Club has developed

Finding Dog Breeds For Sale

Once you have determined that you want a particular breed of dog as your new family pet, the next task is finding a dog of that breed for sale in your local area.

What Is So Great About Dog Breeds Mixed?

Some people prefer a dog that is a pure bred. This desire may be rooted in many different factors, such as wanting a pet that exhibits all the traits normally associated with that breed to wanting to own a pet that is also a status symbol.

Where To Find Dog Breeds Pictures

There are many reasons why you may want pictures of different breeds of dogs. Perhaps you are planning a local charity event for the animal shelter and need some images for flyers and posters to publicize the event.

What Kinds of Dogs Make Ideal Pets?

Today, there are many different kinds of dogs in the world. Some of them are ideal for certain types of living arrangements, while others are bred to provide specific types of services for their owners.

Why Large Dog Breeds May Be Right for You

If you have always felt an affinity for bigger dogs, then it should come as no surprise that you are drawn to large dog breeds when thinking of a new pet for the household.

Are Miniature Dog Breeds Right For You?

When it comes to choosing a pet for your home, you want to keep several different factors in mind. One of those factors is the amount of living space you will be sharing with your new pet.

How To Find Rare Dog Breeds

When you have decided that your next home pet is going to be a breed that is somewhat hard to obtain, you have to wonder how you can go about finding the rare dog breeds that you crave; it may not be as trivially-obvious as you would think on initial inspection.

The Delightful World Of Small Dog Breeds

While many people love the idea of a large dog, it is not unusual for people to choose one of the small dog breeds when it gets down to the wire. There are actually several good reasons for this decision:

What Is So Appealing About Toy Dog Breeds?

For many people, choosing among the toy dog breeds for a house pet is the only logical course of action. In fact there are a number of reasons why you should consider a toy dog as your next pet